Best-in-class video.
Brilliantly clear audio.

A better meeting experience powered by Dolby Voice.
Coming Spring 2017.

Video meetings are one step closer to in-person ones with more natural and clearer audio from Dolby Voice
Unparalleled audio for meeting rooms

The Dolby Conference Phone brings full-room, 360 degree audio capture. Experience premium sound, even in larger rooms with a pickup range of 20x30 feet. No ceiling wiring or multi-mic setup required.

Make every voice count with more natural sound

Wideband audio clarity and support for overlapping conversation means you’ll be clearly understood and won’t be cut off trying to speak. Spatial audio makes each voice distinct so people can more easily tell who’s speaking.

Exceptional noise cancellation

Dolby noise reduction technology lets you see and HEAR everyone with perfect clarity. With Dolby Voice, background noise won’t disrupt your meetings, even when you’re on the road or in the airport.

Introducing BlueJeans Huddle with Dolby Voice

BlueJeans Huddle with Dolby Voice is the ideal solution for video-enabling any meeting space. Providing one touch meeting initiation from the Dolby Conference Phone touch screen interface, it’s a purpose built huddle room solution that is easy to deploy, control and manage.

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BlueJeans has been an essential to the way our team collaborates. We picked BlueJeans because of their vision for the role that video meetings play in the productivity of teams and we’re excited for what this new integration will mean for our interactions company-wide.

- Joel Anderson, VP IT at MongoDB

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