BlueJeans Command Center

Live service intelligence combined with centralized meeting management.

Gain a 360-degree view of your meetings and rooms

With real-time and historical trends and in-meeting analytics, you have all the data you need to understand utilization, troubleshoot issues and make informed decisions.


central management and control

Enterprise class solution

Interactive dashboards

View top-level graphs and charts displaying service utilization over time, geographical participant distribution, endpoint distribution, key feature utilization, and top users or departments.

Live meeting control

Monitor and manage live meetings with full quality metrics and moderation controls.

Historical trend analysis

Export meeting and endpoint data from Command Center for further analysis in Microsoft Excel and business intelligence solutions.

Data export from Command Center


Excel CSV or BI tool


Decipher trends and operational data


Command Center Plans

Basic vs. Pro

Every BlueJeans service plan includes access to the Command Center dashboard and historical reports. Premium plans include Command Center Pro, which adds Live Meeting Control, real-time meeting metrics, and the option to export data for analysis.


 Command Center BasicCommand Center Pro
ROI Calculator  
Endpoint Distribution  
Top Users  
Geo Distribution  
Concurrent Ports  
Quality Feedback  
Recording Statistics  
EventsFor BlueJeans Events Customers: Displays historical and real-time graphs and metrics about BlueJeans Events, moderators, presenters, and attendees.
 Command Center BasicCommand Center Pro
Highlight Poor Statistics  
Email Notifications  
 Command Center BasicCommand Center Pro
Live Meeting Control
Moderate any live meeting  
Mute and unmute participant audio & video  
Push layouts to all participants  
Lock any meeting  
Remove participants or end a meeting  


Customer Story

"The biggest benefit we have seen since using Command Center is getting a 360-degree view of meetings. Understanding the where’s and when’s are valuable, but knowing how to make meetings better is key to making our jobs easier and helping the company run better."

NaspersIT Office and Collaboration Director

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