Release Notes

BlueJeans Late April/May 2019 Release Preview

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Browser- International Call Me

Available in May

Users outside of the US and Canada can now have BlueJeans call them directly.


Enterprise Admin

Permissions for Command Center Rooms & Relay tab

Available toward the end of April

Admins will now be able to provision permissions to the Rooms & Relay Command Center tabs for non-admin users.

Remove User’s Profile Picture

Available toward the end of April

Admins will now be able to remove a user’s profile picture via the Manage Users page.

Users will also be able to remove their own profile picture via the Profile page.

Command Center for Meetings

Remote Room Reboot & Issue Reporting

Available toward the end of April

Admins can now trigger a “reboot” action on a specific BlueJeans Room via Command Center’s room view. Additionally, admins can trigger automatic log uploads of the room for debugging / diagnostic purposes with the click of a button. Admins also have the ability to provide comments to mention the behavior noticed.

Command Center User Feedback

Available toward the end of April

Admins now have the ability to gather feedback about users’ perceptions of Command Center. Users are prompted to provide feedback in 90-day intervals, or they can click the “Give Feedback” button to submit feedback at any time.

BlueJeans Events

Moderator Group Chat

Available in April

BlueJeans Moderators now have a separate chat window within the moderator dashboard for moderators to chat amongst themselves. The chat details are included as part of the end of event chat report.

Camera Settings Improvement

Available in May

Presenters & Moderators can now check their camera setup on the settings panel when their video feed is turned off.