Release Notes

BlueJeans December 2018/January 2019 Release Preview

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Desktop App 2.10

Rolling out December through January

Direct Messages allow users to chat 1-on-1 during a meeting, in addition to sending a message to everyone in the meeting.

BlueJeans Bot for Microsoft Teams

Available Now

Microsoft Teams users can install the bot from Microsoft AppSource to initiate or schedule a BlueJeans Meeting from any Microsoft Teams channel.

Accessibility Improvements

Available through December and January

Expanded Accessibility support for our WebRTC client, and Settings WebApps (enhancing end user accessibility for scheduling meetings, changing personal and room settings, and playing back recorded meetings). Additionally, our Home and Support Center sites are now Accessible.

Export meeting attendees report

Available Now

Users can now download a CSV file of the list of attendees per meeting. This is available under Meeting History on a per meeting basis by clicking ‘DOWNLOAD CSV’.

Enterprise Admin

Custom Landing page

Available end-of-December

This feature allows admins to tailor the look and feel of the landing page to match their brand and customize a sub domain for their enterprise.


Intelligent User Onboarding with Office 365 Outlook Add-In

Available end-of-December

This feature helps users set their ideal default settings. Users will be prompted to choose their preferred meeting ID type and the optimal method for participants to join their meetings. This prompt will appear for users immediately after a successful login.

Google Calendar Add-On

Available end-of-January

Now users can schedule a BlueJeans Meeting directly from their Google Calendar app. Once users install the new BlueJeans Add-On from GSuite Marketplace, they will be able to schedule a meeting with just one click. This Add-On is available for browsers, iOS, and Android.


Command Center for Meetings

Long-Running Meeting improvements

Available Now

Data for meetings longer than six hours is now accessible in Command Center.

Automatic Refresh of Live Statistics

Available Now

Live meeting statistics continue to be updated regardless if the user has the Command Center browser tab open or not.

Scheduled Automated Reports

Available Now

Admins can subscribe to a monthly PDF report on usage and trends that is delivered automatically in their inbox. This is an addition to the one-time report function available today.

BlueJeans Events

BlueJeans Events App

Available Now

We are excited to announce the General Availability of our new BlueJeans Events app. This fully-featured desktop app provides a seamless event experience for Moderators and Presenters, giving them intuitive controls to easily manage live virtual events, without using Adobe Flash. This new app is designed specifically for Moderators and Presenters that require an alternative to using the Google Chrome browser for managing their events. This new app will not change the event attendee experience, as they will continue to join through their browser.

For more detailed information, here is the Getting Started With BlueJeans Events App.

In-Person Attendee Engagement

Available January

The Attendee Engagement feature allows Event Organizers/Moderators to provide a web link to in-person meeting attendees that allows them to submit questions and participate in live audience polling. The in-person results marry up with the remote attendee results to allow moderators to engage all attendees with a single platform.

For more detailed information, click here.

Q&A in Mobile Apps

Available January

This feature enables event attendees to ask and upvote questions using the iOS or Android app. Attendees have the option to submit questions anonymously.

BlueJeans Rooms

Dolby Voice Room

Available Now

We are proud to announce the general availability of BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room. Dolby Voice Room provides the following benefits:

  • HDMI Content Share
  • Embedded and Secure Operating System
  • Smart Camera Framing
  • Whiteboard Detection
  • Support for BlueJeans Meetings and BlueJeans Events
HDMI Workflow for Always-On HDMI Fed Peripherals (Dolby Voice Room)

Available Early December

Dolby Voice Rooms that are connected to an “always on” HDMI feed (like Extron Boxes and Apple TV’s) can take advantage of a new, optional workflow that Support can enable to ensure the appropriate content is available on the screen. Users can also choose to always revert the HDMI feed back to the peripheral device when out of a meeting or the meeting has ended (great for Barco Click Share and Solstice Pods).



BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

European Presence in Azure

Available December

In addition to our existing North American presence in Azure, we are expanding our global coverage to encompass Europe hosted out of Amsterdam Azure. This will shorten any possible Teams Gateway latency on connection.

Sharing from a VTC

Available December

Sharing from the Microsoft Teams desktop (wireless) client is already supported, but in the December release, we will be adding “hard line” screen share from VTC rooms. Simply plug in the HDMI cable directly to the laptop and VTC to share content into the Teams meeting.