Release Notes

BlueJeans January/February 2018 Release

BlueJeans Meetings

New Features and Enhancements

7 Digit Phone Pairing Code

As a security enhancement, participants joining via computers and phones will now be prompted to enter a seven-digit pairing code as part of the join process. The previous pairing code length was six-digits.

Available now.



We have simplified BlueJeans invitations to get users into meetings as quickly as possible. This will simplify invites from Google Calendar, Outlook, and your BlueJeans account. Some of the notable changes are:

  • Reduced unnecessary text and characters
  • Phone Dial-In instructions more notable for phone users

Available now.

BlueJeans Scheduler for Mac - End of Life Announcement

Users that schedule with BlueJeans Scheduler for Mac will need to transition to the Outlook add-in for Office 365 before March 15, 2018. Simple to deploy and manage with no installation required for user devices, this add-in provides a native BlueJeans scheduling button for Outlook on Windows, Mac, and Web users.

The Outlook add-in for Office 365 can be installed easily through the Office 365 Exchange Portal. Please find instructions here and let us know how we can help you transition users to the improved Outlook add-in for the Office 365 scheduling experience.


Phone Number Configuration

By providing improved phone number control, your users can easily mark and order a set of default numbers or configure custom numbers.

Available by the end of February.

View Users Per Feature

Under ‘Manage Features’, you can view which users have enabled a specific feature. To identify the users, just click on the counts provided under each feature.

Available by the end of February.

150 Capacity Meetings

We now support meetings of up to 150 participants. Admins can control who can host larger meetings with the “Large Meeting” admin setting:

This support is only offered with ‘My Company’ plans and is available in mid February. Contact your account team with any questions regarding your plan.

Errata Note: Please contact support to enable 150 participants ability. 150 capacity is not available for partner audio integration customers: West (Intercall), Arkadin, Level 3 and AT&T.

Command Center for Meetings

Email Alerts for Participant Ratings

Want to quickly learn about any participant issues or feedback? Now, you can set up email alerts to track participants who rate a meeting and resolve any issues quickly.

Available by mid February.

Search By Room Name

When a user reports a problem with a room system, you no longer need to ask for a meeting ID. Simply search for the room name and view the live/past meetings. Then, click on the links for further details and troubleshooting.

Available by the end of February.

Total Number of Participants

View the total number of participants who attended a BlueJeans meeting within a selected date range. This indicates adoption and reveals how many people inside and outside your organization are using BlueJeans.

Available now.

Troubleshooting Improvements

We made it easier to visualize stats in Command Center by renaming labels and statistics from the participant’s perspective. Now, you will see ‘Video Sent’ or ‘Received’ on the meeting details and participant details page.

Available now.

BlueJeans Events

New Features and Enhancements

Recurring Events

Now, a recurring option is available when scheduling Events. Event organizers can set Daily, Weekly & Monthly frequencies for Events.

Only available with Event based plans. Contact your account team with any questions.

Available by early February.

Recording Feature Configuration

While enabled by default, Events recording can now be selectively disabled for your enterprise. When disabled, users will not see any related functionalities such as initiating a recording and accessing past recordings.

Please contact if you’d like to disable recording options for your Events.

Available now.

Registration APIs

We are now providing APIs for registration functionality that work with internal marketing/CRM tools. Using these APIs, users can build custom registration pages, send custom invitations to registered users, and help create unique URLs for individuals who register on their registration page.

Get more details in the API documentation.

Available now.


Command Center fo Events

Statistics on Presenter and Moderator Endpoint Quality

View presenter and moderator statistics by clicking on the participant row, which will show a pop-up. Troubleshoot any issues reported by participants by tracing variations in these metrics.

Available now.

BlueJeans Rooms

Dolby Conference Phone

Dialing with Screen Share

When using a 3rd party web conference, it is sometimes necessary to dial into the audio portion via PSTN. We have added a button for generating the out-of-meeting URL to share the 3rd party web conference with others in the room.
To learn more, visit:

Available now.

Spatial Audio

If a room does not require video meetings (phone booths for instance), we have added an optional configuration that enables BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone featuring Spatial Audio.
To learn more, visit:

Currently in Limited Availability. Contact your account team for more information.



Relay v2.14

New, external calendar integration APIs allow users to insert, update or delete lists of externally managed meetings with new POST/PUT/DELETE APIs. Click here for documentation.

Available now.

Command Center for Rooms

Change the Room Name in Command Center

From the Command Center Rooms tab, you can change the room name and room location.

Available now.