Release Notes

BlueJeans January/February 2019 Release Preview

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Desktop App 2.11

Rollout will begin toward the end of February

Windows Annotation

Windows users can now use annotation to highlight and mark-up their screen while presenting. Annotation lets users add text or use a marker on top of their screen share. This capability can be accessed while screen sharing (using the top controls) or from the Apps tab.

Windows Whiteboarding

Windows users can now illustrate different designs and concepts leveraging the whiteboard. Whiteboarding enables users to add text or use a marker to draw. This capability can be accessed in the Apps tab.

Office 365 Calendar Integration

Today, both Windows and Mac users can import their calendars into the BlueJeans App dashboard from their local Outlook client. With this release, users who have Office 365 will now be able to import their calendars from the Office 365 cloud. Learn more in our Admin Guide to Office 365 Application Permissions. This has a number of advantages:

Always show meeting controls

Desktop App users are shown meeting controls when they first join a meeting. These controls include Start Recording, Mute Video, Mute Audio, Share Screen, and more. All of these controls “auto-hide” when there is no mouse activity in order to provide an immersive video experience. However, for users who want the controls to always be shown, we now offer that option via settings.

Enhanced Meeting Recordings

Available in early February

Downloaded recordings will no longer include the participant overlay on the top left that can potentially hide the main meeting content. In addition, files with presentations will also contain audio.

Trello Integration

Available toward end of February

Add a BlueJeans meeting to any Trello Board and join a meeting within the Board.

Accessibility Enhancements for Web Apps

Available in January

Accessibility improvements enable BlueJeans users to use out of meeting web apps with the help of keyboard, screen readers, and tools like JAWS for Windows and Voiceover for Mac OSX .


Google Calendar Add-On

Available toward end of January

Now users can schedule a BlueJeans Meeting directly from Google Calendar. Once users install the new BlueJeans Add-On from GSuite Marketplace, they will be able to schedule a meeting with just one click. This Add-On is available for browsers, iOS, and Android.

Enterprise Admin

Advanced Meeting Settings

Available in early February

These new settings allow admins to enable and disable specific meeting features for all users across the entire enterprise or at a more granular level for individual users.

Turn Off Participant Video on Entry

Available in January

This feature allows meeting organizers to turn off participant video, so that invitees do not automatically join meetings with their video turned on. This setting can be controlled by an Enterprise Admin to set across the enterprise and by users, to set on their personal or scheduled meetings.


Command Center for Meetings

End User Feedback by Geography

Available in December v1.2.0

The geo-distribution map shows participant feedback from each country for a given date range. The underlying endpoint data is available for download.

BlueJeans Events


Available in February

Accessibility improvements for Events Attendees will help users leverage the Events web apps with the help of keyboard, screen readers, and tools like JAWS for Windows and Voiceover for Mac OSX .


Moderator Exit Messaging

Available in February

We have improved the exit flow for moderators when it is time to leave an event.


Individual Polling Results

Available in February

In addition to the summary polling results, we now provide individual responses from attendees for each poll question. This information is included as part of the end of event report.

BlueJeans Rooms

BlueJeans Events Enhancements for Dolby Voice Room

Available in February

We are making more enhancements to the Events experience for Dolby Voice Rooms with better notifications for in-event changes like mute/unmute, recording, and other event-specific notifications.

Out of Meeting Screen Customizations

Available in February

BlueJeans admins now have the ability to change the out-of-meeting wallpaper for BlueJeans Rooms. This feature will allow administrators to change the wallpaper across an entire enterprise or per room. Upload any 1080p image that you want or choose from a few pre-selected images or solid color backgrounds.

Room Timeouts

Available in February

After 30 days, any room not attached to a BlueJeans enterprise in Command Center will be timed out. Adding a room to an enterprise via will allow administrators to easily connect the room to a relay-enabled calendar for end-user features like one-button join, proximity access, and ongoing user experience enhancements.

Support for CeC in Dolby Voice Rooms

Available in February

In order to help our customer save energy, Dolby Voice Room now supports CeC settings on televisions.


BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

Content Sharing Content from a VTC Endpoint

Available in January

Microsoft Teams allows users to wirelessly share content into a Team Meeting, but some customers require HDMI content share over HDMI from a VTC system. This feature will allow users to be able to share content via an HDMI cable into the Teams meeting.