Release Notes

BlueJeans July/August 2017 Release Notes

BlueJeans Meetings



We have simplified BlueJeans invitations in this release to get users into meetings as quickly as possible. This will simplify invites from Google Calendar, Outlook, and your BlueJeans account. Some of the notable changes are:

  • Meeting IDs now have spaces so they are easy to remember
  • Removed "Meeting Organizer" and "Participant Information" sections in the Moderators’ invites (Outlook Only). If moderator controls are needed, the moderator has to be logged in

Generally available on August 19th

Office 365 Add-in v1.0

BlueJeans has partnered with Microsoft to provide an Office 365 add-in. This add-in will support all Office 365 Windows, Mac, and Web App endpoints. The new architecture is simple to deploy and manage with no installation required for user devices.

BlueJeans will support a hybrid Outlook environment including on-premise and Office 365 deployments. Refer to this chart to determine your best client choice.

Generally available on August 18th

BlueJeans Microsoft Windows Outlook Add-in v4.1

BlueJeans Microsoft Windows Outlook Add-in v4.1 addresses issues discovered in Outlook Add-in v4.0.

  • Removed the “Meeting Organizer” and “Participant Information” sections in Moderators’ invites
  • Support for adding a meeting to a single instance of a recurring series
  • For Delegate scheduling, we will now honor the default meeting setting of the Delegator (personal meeting or one-time meeting)
  • Several bug fixes for language translations
  • Several stability bug fixes

Generally available on August 25th


BlueJeans onSocial for Workplace by Facebook

BlueJeans for Workplace provides businesses of all sizes with a self-service, professional-grade video platform to bring people together, create collaborative experiences, and broadcast them over Workplace by Facebook. Broadcast meetings and company-wide events on the company News Feed or directly to project, team, or multi-company groups. Videos are archived on their respective pages and made readily available for on-demand playback. BlueJeans Admins can enable users for this integration through the “Manage Features” tab from the Admin Console.


Generally available on September 1st

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking allows you to integrate one or more phone systems directly to our data centers. Phone participants can then connect to BlueJeans over IP instead of PSTN from any phone registered to a phone system that has a SIP Trunk to BlueJeans.

The main benefits are:

  • Better audio
  • Lower costs
  • Added security (phone calls can be encrypted via a SIP Trunk)

Generally available on August 5th


Enterprise Feature Management

BlueJeans Admins can now enable/disable features at the enterprise level. Features that will be available for such control are: Remote Desktop Control, Recording, and Large Meetings.

Admins can enable or disable the feature for all their BlueJeans users or individually for a few. They can choose to override any previous state by setting the default and applying it, after confirming their action. These features are not available to individual users to override.

Generally available on September 1st

Improvements to User Management

Under ‘Manage Users’, the user details section under ‘View/Edit User’ panel has been simplified. It is now split into two tabs - ‘Profile Details’ that has basic profile information and ‘Settings & Features’, that is further categorized into logical sections.

Generally available on August 25th


Command Center for BlueJeans Meetings

Command Center Now Enabled in All Admin Accounts

Admins now automatically have Command Center enabled in their accounts, allowing access to real-time and historical information about in-meeting activities and quality metrics. Visit Command Center to learn about how to start using this analytics dashboard.

New features for BlueJeans Command Center

Previously these features were included with BlueJeans Command Center Pro. They are now being included in all versions of BlueJeans Command Center.

  • Export of CSV (past meetings & endpoints, past BlueJeans Primetime events, users)
  • Ports widget under Meetings
  • Feedback summary in meetings tab

Generally available on August 5th

Participant Geo Location

For any live or past meeting, when several participants join from the same location, the map marker icon now reflects the number of participants.

Available Now

Filtering Improvement

Any filters tfilhat are applied on the Past Meetings page will now be saved across page navigations unless the filter is explicitly deleted. This helps when searching for specific meetings and going back and forth between the past meetings list page and meetings detail page.

Available Now

Performance Enhancements

The Meetings dashboard widgets now load nearly 10x faster than before. Data is computed in the UTC timezone. If you view the dashboard from another timezone, certain drill downs may not match up to your timezone.

Available Now

Improved CSV Downloads

The CSV export feature on Past Meetings page for meetings.csv and endpoints.csv now allows downloads up to 3 months. Schedule a download and you will be notified on the Downloads tab when your requested file is ready for download.

Available Now

Moderator Indication

For any Live/Past Meeting, the moderator participant, if present will now be indicated with a star icon as follows:

Available Now

Highlight Statistics

When the jitter is seen to be above 40 msec and the packet loss above 2% for any participant, these fields will be highlighted in red. This applies to both Live and Past Meetings.

Available Now

Sort on Lowest Feedback

Available Now



BlueJeans Events

BlueJeans Events Polling

Moderators now have the capability to poll attendees in real time.

Moderator View

Attendee View

Short URL Notification
For those viewing an event from a room, a short URL notification will show up in the room systems, allowing for the attendees to participate in a poll. When the attendee navigates to this URL, they will see a list of the polling questions and have the ability to respond either on their computers or mobile devices.

Mobile App Notification
A notification will be shown on the Mobile App (both iOS and Android) when a new poll is active. It will redirect the user to the a web page and users can participate and bounce back to the App after they complete the polling question or survey.

Pre-Scheduling for Polling Questions
Moderators can pre-schedule polling questions/surveys for their upcoming event, once it has been scheduled so that the questions will appear during the event.

Generally available on August 5th



New Intuitive Event Timeline Listing

Previously, each recurring event instance was displayed separately on the timeline. The new design provides a more intuitive timeline listing.

Available Now

BlueJeans Events for Facebook Live

BlueJeans for Workplace provides businesses of all sizes with a self-service, professional-grade video platform to bring people together, create collaborative experiences, and broadcast them over Workplace by Facebook. Broadcast meetings and company-wide events on the company News Feed or directly to project, team, or multi-company groups. Videos are archived on their respective pages and made readily available for on-demand playback.

Generally available on August 5th. Contact Sales for pricing.

BlueJeans Events Accelerator

BlueJeans Events Accelerator is a solution that can be deployed within your network to help optimize the bandwidth consumption when a BlueJeans Event is streamed to a large number of attendees at a single location. It's a virtualized software that can be installed on any standard x86-64 based server running VMWare Hypervisor. It caches multiple video streams to a single stream thus providing tremendous bandwidth savings.

To learn more about the solution, prerequisites or the deployment process, please contact your BlueJeans Customer Success Manager or the BlueJeans Support team.

Available Now

BlueJeans Rooms

Additional PC's

In the BlueJeans Huddle 1.6 releases we are opening up the hardware support list for the PC platform of Huddle. We will run a minimum system requirement check on install and if the system passes, BlueJeans Huddle will be functional. The minimum system requirements are: Core i5 processor 2.4GHz or higher, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB SSD.

Preferred and validated PCs include: the Intel NUC, the Dell OptiPlex 7040, HP Elite Slice and the Lenovo M700 Tiny.

Additional Cameras and Speaker/Mic’s

Virtually any USB based camera and speaker/mic combination will work with BlueJeans Huddle. However, BlueJeans has validated and recommends the following solutions:

  • AVer CAM340 camera
  • AVer CAM520 camera
  • Jabra 410, 510 and 810 speaker/mic
  • Huddly GO camera
  • Logitech c930e camera
  • Logitech BRIO camera
  • Logitech PTZ Pro camera
  • Logitech Group series camera/speaker/mic
  • Revolabs FLX UC500

For peripheral support, we support a wide array of cameras, speaker/mic combos, and end-to-end systems. We have a list of hardware that is recommended to use with Huddle.

Available Now

Support for Huddle Relay Touch for iOS

Relay Touch, the first solution powered by BlueJeans Relay, brings touch-to-join simplicity to most H.323- and SIP-based conference room systems. Relay Touch is free of charge for current BlueJeans customers.

With BlueJeans Relay Touch, you can:

  • Integrate your calendar service (Exchange 2010/2013/2016, Office 365, or Google Calendar) with your BlueJeans service
  • Deploy everyday iPad tablets in your conference rooms to display scheduled meetings
  • Let participants touch-to-join a BlueJeans meeting, with no need to dial, pair, or enter a meeting ID
  • Provide the same, simple join process for room systems utilizing multiple vendors

Generally available in August

BlueJeans Relay Additional Endpoint Support

The BlueJeans Relay v2.9 release now supports Polycom Debut endpoints v1.3+.

Available Now


BlueJeans Expanding by Adding New Service POP

BlueJeans is expanding our POP footprint to handle the growth of our service. This will require an additional new IP range ( to be added to your firewall ports configuration.

Please add the new IP address range,, to your firewall configuration by August 30th, 2017 to avoid potential issues with video, audio and content sharing quality. Further instructions can be found in TCP/UDP ports used by BlueJeans Network. We want to make sure you have opened firewall ports to BlueJeans Network's entire IP range to avoid unintended call failures.


Panopto Video Management Solution

BlueJeans has developed an exciting integration with Panopto, which is a video platform that allows organizations to store, manage, edit, and share videos within their organization. The BlueJeans integration with Panopto allows meetings that have been recorded in BlueJeans to be automatically uploaded into Panopto's platform. This not only provides a single location for users in an organization to experience the recorded meetings, but also allows for the meetings to be transcribed, highlighted and categorized for better search results. Click here for more information.

Available Now