Release Notes

BlueJeans July/August 2018 Release Preview

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Desktop App 2.7

Available Early August

BlueJeans continues to introduce its new enhanced desktop app 2.X designed for speed and simplicity, with a clean, modern, and intuitive user experience. Over the last few months BlueJeans has been rolling out the new app to customers and we will continue to roll it out over the next few months as additional features are released.

The newest version, App 2.7, includes the following new features:



  • Remote Desktop Control (RDC) – RDC allows users to control another user's desktop for troubleshooting or driving presentations remotely. (This feature is currently on limited rollout and only available for select users. It will be generally available for all users by September.)
  • CPU Optimizations for Mac – BlueJeans is continuously working to provide the best possible meeting experience for our users. We have made big advancements towards optimizing the CPU speed for Mac users to reduce latency.
  • Audio Alert Notification – If a user has missing or invalid audio devices, a notification will pop up alerting users that their microphone and speakers aren't detected
  • Windows Shortcut Keys – Keyboard shortcuts are available for Windows users allowing for easy accessibility.
    • M for muting and unmuting audio
    • V for muting and unmuting video
    • Spacebar for push to talk functionality while audio is muted


Windows Outlook Add-in Minimum Version 4.3

Effective September 1st

In an effort to enhance the performance and usability of our platform, BlueJeans will soon require users on older versions of Windows Outlook Add-in to update to version 4.3 (or switch to the Office 365 Add-in) before September 1, 2018 to continue normal operations. Failure to update will impact our integration and prevent users from scheduling BlueJeans meetings. To learn more about options for managing the update of Outlook Add-in to version 4.3 and ensuring the appropriate Outlook Add-in configuration for BlueJeans, click here.

Command Center for Meetings

Quality Alerts

Available Late August

Admins can create notification alerts for packet loss across BlueJeans endpoints.

Auto-Refresh Live Statistics

Available Early July

Users will have the option to receive refreshed live statistics even when the Command Center tab is inactive.

BlueJeans Events

Designate Mandatory Questions in Event Registration Form

Available Mid-August

Users will now have the option to make event registration form questions mandatory.

Create Additional Custom Questions in Event Registration Form

Available by Mid-August

Users can add up to 10 custom questions in addition to the 2 default questions in an event registration form.

Attendee Join Details in the Registration Report

Available Early July

The post-event registration report will display the attendee join status with all leads being marked as Show, No Show, Pending or Declin

Event Join Info on Admin Page

Available End of August

Enterprise admins can view details for all events scheduled by users on the Events admin page. Event details will include moderator, presenter and attendee join information.

Minimum Event Length Reduced to 30 Minutes

Available Mid-August

Event organizers can schedule an event for a duration of 30 minutes. (Previously the minimum length of an event was 1 hour). For events over 1 hour, additional 15 and 45 minute time blocks will be available.

Disable Welcome Music

Available Mid-August

When scheduling an event, event organizers can now disable the welcome music that is played during the event introduction.

Marketo Integration Enhancement: Reminder Notification Emails

Available Mid-August

Event organizers using the Marketo integration can now schedule reminder emails to notify registered attendees before the actual event. Automated reminders can be scheduled in advance or at any time by clicking the "Send Email Now" button.

BlueJeans Rooms

New Out of Meeting Screen

Available Early August

We have refreshed the out of meeting screen with a new wallpaper! Let us know what you think! There will be more to come on this front, including the upcoming meetings view which will be coming in the next release.

Kaptivo Integration

Available Early August

Users can now collaborate and share their whiteboard with everyone in a BlueJeans meeting with our integration with Kaptivo. If you are interested in adding Kaptivo to your BlueJeans Room, please visit for more information.

Recording Button

Available Early August

Users will now have the ability to record meetings from the Room interface on an iPad and Dolby Conference Phone by tapping the record button and entering the moderator passcode.

Quick Join Enhancements

Available Early August

Additional functionality has been added to the Quick Join feature that allows the user to view all upcoming meetings for the day. When a user enters a Quick Join enabled room, the in-room control (iPad or Dolby Conference Phone) will allow the user to go into “personal mode,” which will display personal upcoming meetings and upcoming room meetings.

Restricted Event Join

Available Early August

Users will now have the ability to join a restricted event by entering event ID and passcode.