Release Notes

BlueJeans July/August 2019 Release Notes

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Desktop App

Join Screen Enhancements

Available in August

This change in the Join Screen will make it more clear to users that they have not yet joined a meeting and will have to take an action by clicking on the “Join Meeting Now” button to join the meeting.

Meeting-in-Progress Optimization 

Available in August

We are making it easier for users to join a meeting when another meeting is already in progress. When a user tries to join a meeting while another meeting is in progress, the user will be given the choice to stay in the current meeting or end the meeting in progress and join the new meeting.

Background Updates

Avaialable in August

Starting version 2.15, any software update for the BlueJeans Desktop App will occur via an an automatic background update and users will no longer get prompted to take an action to make an update. This will not impact central IT deployments that use the machine MSI file for Windows or the Admin PKG for Mac. This will ensure that users stay up to date and get the latest features and quality enhancements.

Color Contrast (Mac Only)

Available in August

We now have Color Contrast support on Mac as part of the 2.15 release that incorporates adequate contrast between foreground and background. This ensures that all users are able to easily perceive content in the App. 


BlueJeans Rooms

Room System Recording

Available in August

Moderators can now start or stop a meeting recording, directly from within the Room System controls menu, and don't have to connect using a desktop computer to initiate recording.


Dolby Voice Room Enhancements

Hide Share Button in a Dolby Voice Room

Available in August

In some enterprises, administrators may want the ability to hide the share content button that enables outside of a meeting screen-sharing.  As requested by many customers, this will encourage enterprises to enter a BlueJeans Meeting before allowing content sharing.  This feature can be activated via feature enablement by BlueJeans Support.

Hide the Phone Button in a Dolby Voice Room

Available in August

In some enterprises, administrators may want the ability to hide the phone button for a room that has not been configured to make phone calls on the Dolby Conference Phone. This feature will help avoid end user confusion in rooms that are not registered to a PBX or call manager service.  This feature can be activated via feature enablement by BlueJeans Support.


Wireless Screen-Sharing Improvements

Available in August

We have optimized the internet traffic routing for wireless screen-sharing into a BlueJeans Room in order to make the experience “snappier” as well as take full advantage of the new BlueJeans Desktop App screen-share features.


BlueJeans Events

Restricted Events

Available in August

We are adding an additional layer of security to the existing restricted event type by adding an option to restrict event access to invitees only. Users will have to authenticate themselves using Single-Sign-On or their BlueJeans login and must be also be on the invitee list to gain entry into the event. Find more details here.

Share Permissions

Available in August

We now have a feature that allows Event Organizers to add Co-Organizers to help manage various tasks within the Event flow. Find more details here.

Low-Bandwidth Mode

Available in August

We are introducing a new low-bandwidth mode streaming feature for attendees that gracefully manages bad network conditions. In this mode, attendees will receive only the audio and the content stream to ensure the best optimal experience.  

Low-Latency Streaming

Available in August

We have now reduced screen-to-screen latency (avg. attendee delay) from ~20 seconds to ~12 seconds. The reduction in the delay will help attendees be closer to the real time presentation.

Russian Language Support

Available in August

The BlueJeans Events attendee & presenter experiences now support Russian language.

BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

Command Center for BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

Available in August 

Teams Gateway customers will now be able to view live and past endpoint data on the Command Center tab for Teams Gateway. Along with the list of endpoints, users will also be able to view basic telemetry information.

Enterprise Admin

Quality of Service

Available in August 

Quality of Service (QoS) is a networking term that refers to the ability to help manage congestion across a network infrastructure by allowing certain application traffic to be prioritized over all other network traffic. For example, most IT teams prefer to prioritize real-time traffic -- such as BlueJeans Voice and Video -- over traffic that is less impacted by delays, like email. To allow IT administrators to identify or mark certain traffic as priority, we will be using a well-established network standard called Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP).  For more information please refer to this KB article.


Command Center

Command Center for BlueJeans Meetings

Addition of “User_Tags” Field in Meetings & Endpoint Exports

Available In July

Meetings and Endpoint CSV exports from Command Center will now have a “user_tags” field. Data rendered in this field helps IT admins to group meeting and endpoint usage by groups curated via user tags.

Ability to Sort Columns on Live Meeting Control 

Available in July

For frequent users of Live Meeting Control, we are adding the ability to sort meetings by various columns. This feature is useful when Command Center users want to sort information by Moderator or Endpoints. By default, this listing is sorted by meeting start time.

Rename an Endpoint via Live Meeting Control

Available in August

Users of Live Meeting Control will be able to rename any endpoint in a live meeting session. Specifically built for renaming of room endpoints where a large room names does not show up completely within a video frame. With this feature, Command Center users can rename the endpoint name to have a better meeting experience.  The new name of the endpoint is only applicable for that meeting instance and defaults to the original room name in new meetings. 

Command Center for BlueJeans Rooms

Custom Room Wallpaper Support Increased to 100

Available In July

Rooms administrators can now extend wallpaper customization to their rooms setup with up to 100 unique wallpapers per room. Command center now provides users with the ability to upload up to 100 custom wallpapers. 

Sort Rooms listing by Location

Available in July

Command Center for Rooms now includes a Location field in the listing. Using this field, Rooms admins can easily sort the listing and have a combined view of all rooms.