Release Notes

BlueJeans June/July 2019 Release Preview

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Desktop App

Pause Screen Share  

Available in July

Sharing your screen in a meeting, but have a chat message you need to get to?  Well now you can, with the new option of “Pause Screen Share”.  Now while sharing, you can pause the share and launch another App without other meeting participants seeing it.   

When the presenter starts sharing content, the “Pause Screen Share” option will be available. Once "Pause Screen Sharing" is clicked, the content that was last shared via Desktop, App, or Window will be frozen for all the content receivers. The "Resume Screen Sharing" option will be available after “Pause Screen Sharing” is clicked.   

Keyboard Accessibility (Mac Only)
Available in July
Navigate through all your BlueJeans App options using only a keyboard. 

Accessibility Screen Reader (Mac Only)
Available in July
You can now leverage a Screen Reader to hear the different options while navigating with the keyboard.

BlueJeans Browser

Screen Share in the Google Chrome Browser without Extension
Available in June
Users can now share their screen without installing the Google Chrome Extension installation. This is supported in Chrome v72 and above. Older versions will still require the extension.

Japanese Language Support
Available in June
The BlueJeans Meeting web experience now supports Japanese language.


Outlook Add-In: One-Time Meeting Scheduling in On-Premises Mailbox

Available Now
Users can now schedule One-Time BlueJeans Meetings using Outlook Add-In with their on-premises mailbox. The add-in is supported for both Exchange and Office 365. It works for Windows, Mac, and Outlook Web.

Google Calendar Add-On: Default Meeting Settings
Available in June
Google Calendar add-on users can choose their default scheduling meeting type from add-on settings.


BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

Trusted Rooms

Available in June
We are giving administrators the ability to trust internal rooms, thereby allowing those rooms to bypass the need to be admitted into a Teams Meeting by a desktop or mobile attendee.  External/Non-Trusted rooms will still enter Teams Meetings via the waiting room.

Encrypted Endpoints

Available in June
We will be giving a notification if a room system is not on an encrypted connection.  We will also be giving the administrator the ability to disallow unencrypted endpoints if they choose. Contact BlueJeans support for enablement.

Default Layouts

Available in June 
We are giving admins the ability to pick the default layout for their Teams Meetings that use a VTC.

Enterprise Admin

Configurable Session Timeout

Available in July
Enterprise admins can now set the timeout length for the BlueJeans Desktop App and Mobile App in days. The session timeout setting for the Browser has been enabled for all enterprises with the default value of 14 days.

Command Center

User Walkthrough

Available in July
Command Center users now get a virtual walkthrough of the top 4 use cases that Command Center caters to. Each of these scenarios takes users deep into feature functionality and highlights specific information hubs that are helpful for users to understand relevant data.

BlueJeans Events

Dolby Voice

Available in June
BlueJeans Events now include Dolby Voice. This will bring the highest quality audio to all events hosted on the platform.

-Clear audio that is easy to hear and understand
-Exceptional audio clarity without distortion
-Distracting background noise and ambient sounds are suppressed
-Volume levelling technology maintains consistent volume across both quiet and loud talkers

Guided On-Boarding
Available in June
We now have an option for Moderators & Presenters to test their setup - camera & microphone - before getting into an event. This feature ensures proper setup on the source end and provides an optimal experience for attendees. 
Embeddable Attendee Player

Available in June
BlueJeans Events now supports an embeddable live streaming experience for your attendees. Easily embed your event onto any web property and take advantage of convenient customization options to align the player with your brand and webpage.

Helpful Tips Section

Available in June
Events users will now have easy access to helpful links on the Events scheduling page to access best practices.