Release Notes

BlueJeans March/April 2017 Release Notes

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans App

Remote Desktop Control

We’re introducing Remote Desktop Control (RDC), which allows one user to control another user’s desktop in a BlueJeans onVideo meeting. RDC enables easy troubleshooting for support teams that are in different locations than their end users. It also allows remote presenters to drive content on a different machine.

As long as meeting participants are on the BlueJeans app, version 1.26 or higher, they will be able to request and grant remote desktop control in any meeting. For more details on how it works click here.

If you want RDC disabled for your enterprise, please contact On April 28th admins will be able to enable/disable RDC for your entire enterprise or for individual users in the admin console.

Streamlining Meeting Join Time*

First time users will not require the Chrome Extension before installing the BlueJeans app. This means that users will no longer see the following screen the first time they join a BlueJeans meeting:

*BlueJeans Easy Buttons and Direct Launch are available on April 8th.
**Scheduling One-Time Meetings available on May 12th.

Copy Personal Meeting ID

The BlueJeans app now offers an easy option for users to copy their Personal Meeting ID to share with others.


BlueJeans Outlook Add-in 4.0*

Our latest add-in is focused completely on improving performance. Outlook users will see the following quality enhancements:

  • BlueJeans will no longer impact Outlook launch time

  • The time to schedule a BlueJeans meeting has been reduced by 70%

  • Crashing issues have been resolved to eliminate the add-in getting disabled or "disappearing".

  • Additional resilience has been added

Note: Users who are upgrading from Outlook add-in version 3.4.761 will see the false error below. Once they press OK, the upgrade will proceed as normal. If the Outlook add-in is centrally pushed through IT, then end users should not see this error.

*The 4.0 Outlook Add-in will be available for users and admins to download on 4/30. Individual users who have auto upgrade enabled will be prompted to update in May.

Google Calendar Extension 2.0

  • BlueJeans will no longer impact Outlook launch time

  • Direct Launch of the BlueJeans app - When users click on "Join BlueJeans Meeting", instead of launching the browser and then the app, we will now launch the app directly. This will reduce the join time by approximately 5 seconds!

  • Schedule One-Time Meetings - In addition to personal meeting IDs, we are adding the ability to schedule using unique meeting IDs

*BlueJeans Easy Buttons and Direct Launch are available on April 8th with Google Calendar Extension v1.66
**Scheduling One-Time Meetings available on June 12th with Google Calendar Extension v2.0
Command Center for Meetings

Command Center 2.0*

A revamped UI and major performance improvements are the highlights of this release. For a quick preview of the changes, please see this link.

*Available between April 5th and April 26th.

Live Meeting Control - Talk Detector

When live meeting control is being used, and any participant talks, an icon will show this activity by a color change and movement of the sound icon. This helps troubleshooting.

Feedback Summary View

The Feedback Summary widget has been fixed to now display comments corresponding to a rating.



BlueJeans Events

Improvements to the BlueJeans Events Experience

HTML5 Viewing Experience

BlueJeans Primetime introduces a new HTML5 based video player that enhances the video viewing experience for Primetime event viewers. This new solution does not require Flash to be installed for viewers to watch the event.


  • Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer are the only browsers that support HTML5 based video players. Other browsers and the BlueJeans app will continue to rely on Flash for an uninterrupted experience.
  • If you have Accelerator deployed, HTML5 will not be supported. We will fall back on Flash for the attendee viewing experience.

Presenters supported on Android

Presenters can now join a Primetime event from an Android device.


BlueJeans Primetime introduces event registration. Using this feature, organizers can:

  • Control events and require attendees to register using a generic or customizable form, effectively giving event organizers greater visibility into who is attending the event.
  • Manually approve the list of registrants, create filters to approve users from specific domains, or automate the approval process, entirely.
  • Send reminder emails 30 minutes or 1 day before the event.
  • Generate Attendee data reports, gather information, and learn more about your audience.


  • Enabling event registration prohibits attendees from joining through PSTN or a room system.
  • This feature is applicable for public events only.

Moderator Dashboard Improvements

Redesigned to make moderating events easier and more intuitive, we’ve made the following improvements to empower moderators and allow them to control the event experience like never before.

  • Edit presenter names in the roster
  • Reorder presenters in the roster with a simple drag and drop. Customize the Presenter list to match the presentation sequence, regardless of when they joined the event.
  • With the click of a button, expand the live-event video feed. This expanded view can be handy when content and video is being shared at the same time.

Attendee View Improvement

Attendees can use the new slider to navigate between the content and video view.

Note: This will only be available as part of the HTML5 attendee viewing experience and thus supported on the browsers that support HTML5 mentioned above.

Moderated Q&A

Our newly designed Q&A moderation functionality grants moderators control when deciding what questions to make public for all attendees. The event organizer must enable this feature during scheduling.

New Waiting Room Experience

The waiting room is the screen moderators and presenters see when they are the first to join a Primetime event or when all videos are switched off and no content is being shared. For an attendee, it means the time before and after broadcast is ON.

Attendee View:

BlueJeans Events Admin

Now enabling and disabling Primetime for users is simple. Under the Manager Users tab in the Admin console, Admins can now enable Primetime access to individual users.

Command Center for BlueJeans Events

Primetime NPS widget

A new widget for NPS summary is now available per role (Moderator, Presenter, Attendee) with a distribution of respondents (Promoter, Neutral, Detractor). There is also a provision for exporting this information in CSV format.

Primetime Presenters CSV export

CSV export for Presenters of an event now includes entries for all presenters who joined the event.

BlueJeans Rooms

Dual Screen Support

Huddle will support dual screens which allows content to be seen on one screen and video on the other.

Additional Platform & Peripheral Support

Support for Dell OptiPlex 7040 Core i5 and i7.

BlueJeans Events Support

Primetime events are now listed in the Huddle list of scheduled events so that Presenters and Attendees can easily join the event from a Huddle room.

*Available March 17th.

Communication Preferences

Email Preference Center

BlueJeans now offers users a comprehensive set of choices for opting in or out of different email communications from BlueJeans.

Note: Admins may subscribe or unsubscribe users from specific email categories upon contacting their BlueJeans account team.

*Available on May 5th.