Release Notes

BlueJeans March/April 2018 Release Preview


GDPR Support

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most important changes in data privacy regulation in the EU in the last 2 decades. BlueJeans will introduce backend systems that will optimize how data is stored, processed and shared. GDPR support builds on BlueJeans commitment to security, manageability, and data privacy controls as documented in our BlueJeans SOC 3: Security, Availability, and Confidentiality Report 2017. BlueJeans will be early in delivering the capabilities required to comply with GDPR laws that will go into effect in the EU on May 25, 2018.

Dolby Voice Support for Android

The BlueJeans Android app will now include Dolby Voice. This extends the high quality wide-band audio to our Android users.

Benefits include:

  • Dolby Noise Reduction from the mobile device
  • Spatial Audio for the mobile user

Available by end of March on the Google Play store.

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Desktop App v2.5

BlueJeans has been introducing a new enhanced desktop app 2.X designed for speed and simplicity, with a clean, modern, and intuitive user experience. The newest version has a streamlined footprint that is optimized to accelerate meeting join time, intelligently guide users with headset and microphone configurations, and simplify the user interface to create a more delightful and immersive meeting experience. Over the last few months BlueJeans has been rolling out the new app to customers and will continue to roll it out over the next few months as additional features are released.

The newest version, App 2.5, includes the following new features:


  • Proxy Support
  • Dial-Out (Call Me)
  • Join with Screen Share Only
  • Partner Audio Integration Support
  • Help Center menu
  • Moderator Controls (Mute on Entry, Silent Participant Entry, Lock Meeting)



  • Mac Outlook Support
  • Partner Audio Integration Support
  • Help Center menu


Click here for a video overview of the newest BlueJeans App.

The App v2.5 release will roll out throughout April.

BlueJeans for Web Browsers (Safari WebRTC)

BlueJeans for Web Browsers (Safari WebRTC) offers a download-free experience for video meeting attendees that’s fast and simple with no app installation required. The WebRTC browser-based video conferencing feature is ideal for meeting participants who cannot or do not want to download and install software on their desktop computer. Now users will be able to join meetings in a Safari browser, just like they can in Chrome and Firefox today.

Safari users who cannot install the BlueJeans app will see an option to join with the browser.

Available now.

Office 365 Outlook Add-in 1.2

The new O365 Add-in will support automatic provisioning for enterprises that have it set and are using SSO (single sign-on).

Available by end of March.

User’s Phone Number UI Update

By providing improved phone number control, users can easily mark and order a set of default numbers or configure custom numbers.

Available by end of March.

HTML5 Player for Meeting Recordings

BlueJeans Meetings is replacing Flash for video recording playback with HTML5.

Available by end of April.

Voicera Integration

BlueJeans has partnered with Voicera to integrate Eva (in Beta), an intelligent meeting assistant, into BlueJeans Meetings. Eva participates in your meeting, takes notes and identifies action items and decisions in your meetings to improve your productivity. Post meeting, Eva will provide a word cloud of the most common words from within your meeting, highlight key moments and provide a fully searchable transcript of the meeting. The BlueJeans-Voicera integration benefits from the clarity of BlueJeans with Dolby Voice by enabling superior speech detection.

BlueJeans users can log into using their BlueJeans credentials to get started. This integration is currently available at no cost while Eva is in Beta. To learn more, see:

Available now.



Command Center

Individual Meeting Endpoint Report

Users can now export and share the endpoints listing for each meeting individually in a CSV file.

Available now.


Charts Upgrade

The Highcharts library for Call Characteristics graphs has been upgraded to version 6.0 to provide better visuals for troubleshooting.

Available now.

Troubleshooting Updates

Red highlighting of poor statistics is now based on thresholds defined per endpoint type. For example, packet loss thresholds for the desktop app can be set at 4% whereas room systems can be set at 1%. This will be depicted in the tool tips over the highlighted stat.

Available now.

Recording in Live Meeting Control

Users can now start or stop recording via Live Meeting Control in Command Center.

Available with Command Center Pro. Contact BlueJeans Support to enable this feature.

Available by end of March.

BlueJeans Events

Video Share on Accelerator

BlueJeans Events Accelerator will now be able to fully support video sharing of on screen content allowing for the consolidation of multiple streams into a single stream to conserve bandwidth and preventing video degradation.

Available by mid-April.

Enhanced Content Share Experience

Some users had observed a lag between the video and audio and the content being shared. We have significantly enhanced the content share experience by addressing the perceived lag.

Available by mid-April.

Marketo Integration

BlueJeans Events can now be integrated with Marketo, one of the leading marketing automation tools. This integration will help users to generate leads in Marketo through BlueJeans Events. Also, event hosts can custom brand the invites and registration landing page. The Marketo Integration Guide can be reviewed here:

Available by mid-April.

BlueJeans Rooms

Out of Meeting Screen Sharing

When a user initiates screen sharing, the URL will now appear not only on the Dolby Conference Phone or the iPad app (depending on the type of BlueJeans Room) but also on the room Monitor/ TV for ease of reading.

Available now.

Dolby Conference Phone - Spatial Audio Mode

If a room does not require video meetings (phone booths for instance), we have added an optional out of the box configuration that enables BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone featuring Spatial Audio for one-button meeting join for the Spatial Audio experience. To learn more, visit:

Available in April.

Dolby Conference Phone - Microsoft Exchange and Office365 Direct Calendar Connect

Connect a calendar to populate upcoming meetings on the Dolby Conference Phone device allowing users to experience the BlueJeans Room’s one-touch join functionality.

Available in April.

Dolby Conference Phone - Small Room and Orientation Settings

Users can now configure the BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone with the small room setting that reduces microphone levels providing an optimal audio experience. The orientation setting is to adjust the direction of the device with respect to the camera for effective spatial audio.

Available now.

Kaptivo Integration

Many conference rooms have a whiteboard. The BlueJeans Rooms integration with Kaptivo allows the physical room whiteboard to be broadcast into the BlueJeans Meeting with one-button ease of use.

Available in April.


Kaptivo Status

Any room with Kaptivo will have the device details listed in the Rooms details page.

Available in April.



No Sleep / Hibernate Mode as Part of Post-Install Script

When the post-install script has been executed after room pairing, the room PC will not sleep or hibernate as part of the initial configuration. These settings will be applicable on the current power plan. If the user / IT administrator later changes the power plan, these settings will be overridden.

Available by mid-April.

Indication of Disconnected Media Devices

If a media device such as camera or speaker get disconnected, then this will be indicated on the Room details page.

Available now.

Relay Rooms Listing

Now you do not have to manage Relay rooms from Command Center will have a new tab called ‘Relay’ that incorporates the relay website providing a unified experience.

Available by end of April.