Release Notes

BlueJeans March/April 2019 Release Preview

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Desktop App 2.11

Rollout will begin toward middle of April

Video Clip Sharing

The Desktop App now offers the ability to share video clips on the fly. Users can pull up a YouTube video clip and share it with meeting attendees without having to download or upload anything ahead of time. Once available, BlueJeans 2.11 users will see an option to “Share computer sound” when initiating content sharing.

This functionality requires a one-time audio driver installation to capture the computer audio and send it to the rest of the meeting participants. If the user does not have admin rights for installation, IT admins can deploy the driver centrally. More details can be found here.

BlueJeans Desktop App 2.12

Available in April

Enhanced Audio Settings BlueJeans Desktop App will now automatically select the right headset and microphone when it is plugged in, instead of requiring users to select it manually themselves.

BlueJeans Mobile

Available toward the end of March

PSTN Accessibility

Mobile App users now have a more intuitive experience when using their phone dial-in for audio while leveraging the Mobile App for content collaboration. This helps users participate in a meeting but still save data or get around bad wi-fi networks.

BlueJeans Browser

Available toward the middle of March

Private Chat

Direct Messages allow users to chat 1-on-1 during a meeting, in addition to sending a message to everyone in the meeting.

Note: Not supported in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers

Call Me International Expansion

Available in March

BlueJeans Meetings now offers enhanced Call Me support in 28 additional countries. This service is a per-minute charge and the rates for each country apply.

Audio-Only Recording Downloads

Available in March

Users can now download audio-only versions of their recordings.


Google Calendar Add-On

Available toward the middle of March

Users can now schedule a BlueJeans Meeting directly from Google Calendar. Once users install the new BlueJeans Add-On from GSuite Marketplace, they will be able to schedule a meeting with just one click. This Add-On is available for all browsers, iOS, and Android.

Branding Support in Office 365

Available toward the end of April

The BlueJeans Office 365 add-in can now automatically include your enterprise logo in calendar invitations. Please contact support to add this feature.

Daylight Savings Updates

Available Now

The BlueJeans Web App has automatically adjusted your meeting times to account for Daylight savings time.


Enterprise Admin

Landing Page Customization

Available Now

Administrators can now brand their company’s landing page with custom images, colors, and text. Users will also be allowed to sign-up from the landing page.

Fraud Prevention

Available toward the middle of April

BlueJeans has built a mechanism to catch any fraudulent activity happening on an account or during a meeting. Once caught, users and IT administrators are notified via email about their resources being blocked, and are provided a way to unlock those assets. This feature can be enabled by contacting support.

These capabilities are targeted at two specific use cases:

  1. Login attempts
  2. Meeting join attempts


Login Attempts

When a hacker tries to login to the BlueJeans service using incorrect user credentials for a certain number of tries, the account will become locked out. BlueJeans detects fraud activity for non-SSO accounts only. The owner of the account (the user) will receive an email about being locked out and the necessary steps that are required to unlock it.

Meeting Join Attempts

When a hacker tries to join a BlueJeans meeting using incorrect join credentials for a certain number of tries, the meeting will be locked down. The owner of the meeting (the user) will receive an email about the hacker’s blocked IP address and the steps that are required to unlock it.

Command Center for Meetings

Enhanced Protection of Personal Information

Available toward the end of March

Personally identifiable information (PII) of users such as name, email, and IP address available on the Command Center pages is now obfuscated at the API level. In addition, any PII in CSV exports and PDF reports will also be obfuscated.

BlueJeans Events

Accessibility for Presenters

Available toward the end of March

Accessibility improvements for Events Presenters will help users leverage Events web apps with the help of keyboard, screen readers, and tools like JAWS for Windows and Voiceover for Mac OSX.

In-Person Attendee Engagement for Private Events

Available toward the end of March

Event Organizers/Moderators of private events can now provide a web link to in-person meeting attendees for submitting questions and participating in live audience polling. Attendees can use their BlueJeans account or SSO to login.

For more detailed information, review this support article.


BlueJeans Rooms

Room Pairing Notifications

Available in April

After 30 days, BlueJeans Rooms will recognize if one of your room systems has not been paired with Command Center and will prompt the administrator to connect it to your BlueJeans account. Pair your Room by going to: Adding your Room to Command Center offers many benefits such as: calendar integration, user feedback, SIP configurations, and much more.


HDMI Audio Out of Meeting for Dolby Voice Room

Available in April

Dolby Voice Room-enabled huddle spaces now offer users the ability to stream audio through the in-room monitor speakers via a laptop HDMI connection. This feature is only supported when an online meeting is not taking place.

Time Zone Setting Enhancements

Available in May

BlueJeans Rooms automatically update time zone settings for the system so there is no need to change it manually on the BlueJeans Application side.


BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

Asia Presence in Azure

Available on March 2nd

In addition to our existing North American and European presence in Azure, we are expanding our global coverage to encompass Asia, hosted out of Singapore Azure. This will shorten any possible Teams Gateway latency upon connection. Along with this availability in the Asia Pacific region, we have also rolled out global server load balancing and global support failover in case a regional outage occurs in Azure.


Microsoft Teams Support for BlueJeans Rooms iPad App

Available in April

The BlueJeans Rooms iPad App now supports one-touch join for Microsoft Teams Meetings. Users may also choose to enter a Tenant ID and Conference ID to join a Microsoft Teams Meeting manually. This capability works for all SIP/H.323-based BlueJeans Rooms.

Improved sharing workflows via HDMI

Available in April

We have added improvements for sharing via HDMI from a VTC unit. We now support grabbing screen share controls from another attendee and other simple improvements.