Release Notes

BlueJeans May/June 2018 Release Preview


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Refinement

Effective May 25th

With the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations coming to effect on May 25th, in addition to our release notes from March and April, we continue to take steps to strengthen our privacy policy to give end-users complete control over how they hear from us. This means that BlueJeans Enterprise Admins will no longer have the ability to hide the end-user email preference.


BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Desktop App 2.6

Available Mid-June

BlueJeans continues to introduce its new enhanced desktop app 2.X designed for speed and simplicity, with a clean, modern, and intuitive user experience. Over the last few months BlueJeans has been rolling out the new app to customers and we will continue to roll it out over the next few months as additional features are released.

The newest version, App 2.6, includes the following new features for both Mac and Windows:

  • Workplace by Facebook Streaming - Broadcast meetings on the Company News Feed or directly to Workplace project, team, or multi-company groups.

  • Facebook Live Integration - Broadcast meetings to Facebook Live for your community of fans, friends, and followers.

  • Set Enterprise Audio Join Flow – Admins can set the default audio join preference (computer or phone) for all end-users. These options are: Ask Once and Save, Always Ask, Always use Computer Audio, or Always use Phone Audio.

  • New Moderator Control Feature – Moderators will have the ability to drop individual participants from meetings.

  • Roster Updates:
    Ability to rename yourself in the roster
    Indicator in roster to show who is sharing their screen
    Statistics for meeting participants

  • Customer Branding - Your company logo, currently being used in the Desktop App 1.0 version, will be used in the upper left corner of the Desktop App 2.0 title bar. Contact BlueJeans Support for details.

  • Language Localization – Language support for Spanish, German, French, and Japanese.

The BlueJeans Bot for Workplace By Facebook

Available Now

The BlueJeans Bot for Workplace by Facebook provides a quick and easy way for Workplace users to start and join BlueJeans meetings directly from Workplace. The BlueJeans Bot also provides basic meeting-management capabilities, acting as a personal assistant for BlueJeans meetings. This integration works for both Group Chat messages as well as 1:1 chat interactions. Click here to learn how to install and use the BlueJeans Bot.

The BlueJeans Bot for Microsoft Teams

Available Now

The BlueJeans Bot for Microsoft Teams allows users to schedule and launch BlueJeans video meetings directly in Teams group chats. After users are logged in, they can simply type “@BlueJeans” in the group chat to initiate a meeting for everyone in the group to join. Click here to learn how to start using the BlueJeans Bot for Microsoft Teams.


Delegate Scheduling for Google Calendar

Available Now

The BlueJeans for Google Chrome browser extension now officially supports Delegate Scheduling for Google Calendar. Delegate scheduling provides the ability for a delegate to schedule BlueJeans meetings on behalf of another BlueJeans user (the delegator). Click here to learn how.

Note: Unless delegation is enabled on the BlueJeans end, delegates can only schedule BlueJeans meeting with their own meeting ID. Contact BlueJeans Support if you would like the Delegate Scheduling feature enabled for your enterprise.


One Time Meeting Option Added to Office 365 Add-in

Available Mid-June

The Office 365 Add-in will now allow users to schedule one time meetings from Windows Outlook, Mac Outlook, and Outlook Web Access. The Default Scheduling Profile will appear in a right-side task pane.

Note: The 2.0 version of the add-in will not be supported on the on-premise Exchange server.

One-Touch Join Link for Phone Dial-in

Available Late June

Meeting invitations will now include a One-Touch phone dial-in link that will automatically dial into a meeting on your mobile device, automating the process of manually dialing the phone number and entering the meeting ID.

Note: Some Android devices do not support this feature in which case users will need to still enter in the meeting ID and passcode (if any).


Windows Outlook Add-in Minimum Version 4.3

Effective September 1st

In an effort to enhance the performance and usability of our platform, BlueJeans will soon require users on older versions of Windows Outlook Add-in to update to version 4.3 (or switch to the Office 365 Add-in) before September 1, 2018 to continue normal operations. Failure to update will impact our integration and prevent users from scheduling BlueJeans meetings. To learn more about options for managing the update of Outlook Add-in to version 4.3 and ensuring the appropriate Outlook Add-in configuration for BlueJeans, click here.


Enterprise Admin

Disable PSTN (Phone Dial-in) Number

Available Late June

Administrators will now have the ability to disable a specific international dial-in number from being used in a meeting to reduce PSTN (phone dial-in) costs. Click here to learn more about customizing your phone dial-in numbers.

Command Center for Meetings

Live Meeting Control: Mute/Unmute Options

Available Late June

Moderators will now have the option to mute and unmute all participants in a meeting inside the Live Meeting Control panel.

Performance Improvements

Available Late June

Several performance improvements within Command Center have been made to help users search faster for meetings, users and rooms. In addition, the top summary banner, feedback summary widget and users listing tab performance will also be quicker.

Daily Active User Trend

Available Early June

A new widget within Command Center will display the trend in daily active users – which will enable admins to monitor BlueJeans user adoption over time.

Wi-Fi Status Information

Available Mid-May

The Summary Stats within Command Center will now provide visibility into whether Windows and Android participants were connected over Wi-Fi during the meeting –enabling IT administrators to troubleshoot for connectivity issues.

Private IP Address

Available Mid-May

In addition to the public IP address (displayed as Remote Address), the Summary Stats will now also display the private IP address (assigned by the local network) when available. This will help IT admins locate and troubleshoot the source of the internal network endpoint.

Data Exposure Policy

Available Mid-May

Due to the new GDPR data exposure policy, Command Center will now only show data for up to 540 days from the current date.

BlueJeans Events

Secondary PSTN Number Included In All Event Invites

Available Mid-May

The secondary PSTN number will now be displayed in the attendee join info section of the invite.

Mandatory Fields in Event Registration Form

Available End of June

The registration landing page for attendees will now include the option to make the fields in the registration form mandatory.


Attendee Count Display Disabled by Default

Available End of June

Attendee count display will be disabled by default at the enterprise level. Admins have the option to change the default behavior of this feature. If disabled at the enterprise level, event organizers can enable this feature when scheduling an event.


BlueJeans Rooms

Logitech Meetup – Mute/Unmute in Rooms iOS App

Available Early June

For enterprises utilizing Logitech Meetup in their BlueJeans Rooms, users will be able to use the mute/unmute feature on the Rooms iOS app for iPad without having to use the remote-control.

Relay Listener Service Improvements

Available Early June

We have made significant improvements on deploying the Relay Listener Services within an enterprise. With auto proxy detection, the Relay Listener Service will now auto detect proxies on installation. Users can now also pair a new listener service to their enterprise from a web page.

Join BlueJeans Events with the Dolby Conference Phone

Available Now

For BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone enabled with BlueJeans Events, users will now be able to join BlueJeans Events by entering the EventID.