Release Notes

BlueJeans November/December 2017 Release 

BlueJeans Meetings


BlueJeans for Google Calendar version 2.0.45

Google has updated their web calendar with a fresh look and new features. (Learn more about the details of this new release here.) To support this new version of the Google Calendar, BlueJeans has released Calendar Extension 2.0.45 to maintain the ease of scheduling and joining BlueJeans Meetings.

Generally available early November.

Outlook Windows Add-in 4.2

The newest version of the Outlook Add-in contains several bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Users will also now see an option to retrieve their Moderator code at the bottom of their invites.

Note: Due to a recent patch with Microsoft, upgrading the Outlook Add-in requires Outlook to be restarted. For remote deployments (machine MSI), it requires Outlook to be closed before pushing the upgrade.

Phased rollout through the month of December.


Premium Number Configuration

Admins can now enable or disable the use of the Premium Numbers feature for their entire enterprise or for specific users under the ‘Manage Features’ and ‘Manage Users’ panels.

Generally available early November.

Command Center for Meetings

Search Improvements

The search functionality will now display the last few completed meetings in the search results drop down, making it easier to distinguish which meeting ended most recently.

Generally available late December.

System CPU for App Endpoints

The Call Characteristics graph now displays the overall System CPU for participants joining from BlueJeans app endpoints. The App CPU and System CPU utilization of the machine in use will help with troubleshooting any issues that arise.

Generally available late November.

BlueJeans Events

New Features and Enhancements

Secondary PSTN Support

Secondary PSTN support has been added for all BlueJeans Events. Now, every event will have support of two PSTN services in an active-active mode, providing crystal clear audio.

Generally available early December.

HTML5 Recording

HTML5 based recording playback will now be available to enhance the video viewing experience. Now users can view recorded events on a wide range of browsers without the need for additional downloads.

Generally available mid December.

Billing Plan Entitlement

Admins can now selectively assign billing plans for specific users through their respective profile pages under the Manage Users tab.

Generally available early December.

Event Option Configuration

Admins can now enable or disable the Raise Hand and Display of Attendee Count features at the enterprise level. If enabled at the enterprise level, event organizers also have the ability to disable these features when scheduling an event.

Generally available early December.

BlueJeans Rooms

New Features

New iOS App v1.8

We will be releasing a new iOS App v1.8 that will improve general bug fixes and enhance performance. To ensure that there is no disruption to your BlueJeans Rooms, please update the BlueJeans Rooms iOS app to v1.8 here on November 20th.

Generally available November 20th.

Command Center for Rooms

Per room meetings chart

Each room page now displays a bar chart indicating the number of meetings held over the past 7 days in that room.

Generally available late December.