Release Notes

BlueJeans September 2018 Release Preview

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Desktop App 2.8

Available Late September

BlueJeans is excited to introduce its new enhanced desktop app designed for speed and simplicity, with a clean, modern, and intuitive user experience. Over the last few months BlueJeans has been rolling out the new app to customers and we will continue to roll it out over the next few months as additional features are released.

The newest version, App 2.8, includes the following new features:

While most users will click “OK”, there will be some that click “Don’t Allow” either on purpose or by mistake.  If users who click “Don’t Allow” want to undo that decision, the upcoming BlueJeans App version 2.8 will give guidance on how to change the setting. BlueJeans 2.8 will be released toward the end of September, when we expect Mojave to also become generally available.

To ensure continuity and deliver the highest-quality experience, all users on the Mojave Mac OS running the BlueJeans App version 1.x will be prompted to update to 2.8 at the end of September.

Our goal is to help 1.x users avoid the following issues: 

  • Customizable Layouts – Users can now customize their layouts to choose the experience that best fits their need in each meeting
  • Large Meeting Support for Video– We’ve expanded two-way video sharing to support all users in any size meeting
  • Screen-Share-Only Mode – We’ve made joining in Screen Share Only mode easier for users that want to solely participate in content sharing
  • Mac Mojave Support – Apple is introducing their upcoming Mac Operating System 10.14 (Mojave) release that will impact BlueJeans Mac users. With the Mojave update, Apple will require users to grant additional permissions for applications that need to use the microphone, camera, Outlook integration, and Remote Desktop Control.  

For additional details, please check out our Knowledge Base Article.

  • Confusion around why no one can hear them in a meeting
  • Confusion around why no one can see them in a meeting
  • Confusion around why Remote Desktop Control does not work 
The BlueJeans Browser

Available in October

Users who prefer to join on their browsers will now see a new option for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge. It will also support users who choose to join by phone or screen share only mode.

  • Spatial Audio Support
    Available Now
    The BlueJeans browser experience will now leverage the Opus Stereo codec which will provide a more immersive audio experience by leveraging the power of the Dolby platform.
  • Updated User Interface
    Available in September
    Users who have already deployed the BlueJeans 2.x App will now experience the modern and intuitive new look on the BlueJeans browser as well.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge Support
Recording View Count

Available Late September

A recording view count will be available to see how many people have watched a recorded meeting. The recording view count will be shown for each chapter of a recording.


Office 365 v2.1

Available Early September

The Office 365 add-in will now have support for Personal Meeting scheduling with On-Prem Exchange.

Windows Add-in 4.3 Minimum Version

Effective September 1

In an effort to enhance the performance and usability of our platform, BlueJeans will soon require users on older versions of Windows Outlook Add-in to update to version 4.3 (or switch to the Office 365 Add-in) before September 1, 2018 to continue normal operations. Failure to update will impact our integration and prevent users from scheduling BlueJeans meetings. To learn more about options for managing the update of Outlook Add-in to version 4.3 and ensuring the appropriate Outlook Add-in configuration for BlueJeans, click here.


Command Center for Meetings

Scheduled Monthly Reports

Available Late September

Subscribe to a monthly PDF report on usage and trends and receive it automatically in your inbox. This is an addition to the one-time report function available today.

BlueJeans Events

Multi-Language Support

Available Late September

BlueJeans Events now supports French, German, Italian & Spanish languages on the app and in browsers for Presenters and Attendees.

HTML5 Player on Safari Browsers

Available Late September

BlueJeans Events is replacing Flash with HTML5 player on Safari browsers.

Recording View Count

Available Late September

A recording view count will be available to see how many people have watched a recorded event. The recording view count will be shown for each chapter of a recording.


Available Late September

BlueJeans Events will now support webhooks that can send out automated messages to other apps. This can be especially useful for handling user registrations.

Recording APIs

Available Late September

To support seamless integrations with third-party solutions, we are now providing recording APIs that can be used to access the recording details of an event. These APIs can be used to list and retrieve the recordings.

BlueJeans Rooms

Video/ Content “Swap”

Available September

We are giving users a new option to swap between the presented content and the meeting video. The control can be found on the Layouts tab on your room device. When the user taps “Swap Video” the content and meeting video will switch. If it is a dual-screen Room, the self view and the content will swap.

Removing Enterprise Name from Out-of-Meeting Screen

Available September

We will be removing the registered enterprise name from the out of meeting screen and moving that information to the settings area of the Dolby Conference Phone app and the iPad app. The removal of the meeting room name will allow for a cleaner look while allowing the admin to verify the registered enterprise.

New Out-of-Meeting Screen

Available September

We have added a new image to the out-of-meeting screen for Rooms. Stay tuned for more updates in this area. We would love to hear your feedback at