Release Notes

BlueJeans September/October 2017 Release Notes


Dolby Voice

BlueJeans Platform with Dolby Voice
The BlueJeans Platform will now include Dolby Voice. This will bring the highest quality in audio to all BlueJeans video meeting solutions, including BlueJeans Meetings and BlueJeans Rooms. (Coming soon to BlueJeans Events). Benefits:

Clear audio that is easy to hear and understand

  • Meeting attendees experience exceptional audio clarity without distortion
  • Distracting background noise and ambient sounds are suppressed
  • Volume leveling technology maintains consistent volume across both quiet and loud talkers

Natural conversation flows among multiple people

  • Multiple people can talk at once with overlapping conversation
  • Minimizes sound delays that create conversation lag and unintended pauses
  • Improves speaking interactions and attendee participation

Better comprehension and meeting efficiency

  • Easy to know who is speaking and to follow conversations between multiple speakers
  • Effortless audio environment that frees the brain to concentrate on the conversation
  • Increased meeting and conversation efficiency and productivity

Phased rollout through the months of October and November.

BlueJeans Meetings


Samsung DeX Support

The BlueJeans Android App supports the new Samsung DeX Station used with a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ or Note 8. Connect a mouse, keyboard, and external monitor to your DeX to enable a desktop collaboration experience powered by your Samsung device.

Capabilities supported include:

  • Multi-task with BlueJeans and other apps
  • Use external cameras connected to the DeX station
  • Keep meetings running seamlessly when docking and undocking from the DeX station

Available now.

Command Center for Meetings

Participant Audio and Video Devices

The mic, speaker, and camera devices being used will now be displayed under Summary Stats in the BlueJeans App.

Available now.

Round Trip Delay

The round trip delay from all participant endpoints for video and audio traffic from BlueJeans cloud will now be graphically displayed under Call Characteristics.

Available now.

Improved Paired Audio Endpoint Icon

A new paired audio endpoint icon is available for participants who join with paired endpoints. This icon will couple the two endpoints for easier association.

Available now.

BlueJeans Events

New Features and Enhancements

15k Attendee Support

We have expanded our support for BlueJeans Events from 5,000 to 15,000 concurrent attendees per event.

Generally available October 31st. Contact Sales for pricing.

Video Share for WebRTC Supported Browsers

Video share will be available on WebRTC browsers. (Chrome is available with more browsers to be included soon). Previously the video share feature was only available on the app only.

Generally available October 8th.

Attendee Slider

We have improved the attendee experience by allowing attendees to get a full-screen view of the shared content. Attendees now have the option to scroll the slider all the way to the right to view shared content in full-screen and completely minimize the video view from the screen.

Available now.

Command Center fo Events

Meeting Participant and Events Attendee Name Filter

For any given meeting or event, participants can now be filtered by name for easier searchability.

Available now.

Events billed hours

The Past Events page will now distinguish between free and billable events. For paid events, the number of hours or ‘Processing’ will be shown until more information is available.

Available now.

BlueJeans Rooms

Additional Support

BlueJeans Rooms version 1.70 will provide additional support for the following:

Additional Cameras and Speaker/Mics

BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone
Support is now available for Dolby Conference Phone and one-touch meeting initiation from the Dolby Conference Phone touch screen interface. The Dolby Conference Phone brings full-room, 360 degree spatial audio to BlueJeans Rooms. Experience premium sound, even in larger rooms with a pickup range of 20x30 feet. No ceiling wiring or multi-mic setup is required. The Dolby Conference Phone integrates with your iPBX systems to provide phone dialout.

For peripheral support, we recommend a wide array of cameras, speaker/mic combos, and end-to-end systems. We have a list of hardware that is recommended to use with BlueJeans Rooms.

Generally available October 16th.

BlueJeans Relay

Additional Endpoint Support
Relay now supports Polycom® RealPresence Trio™Conference Phone hardware.

We have a list of hardware that supports Relay without BlueJeans Rooms integration.

Generally available October 16th.

Command Center for Rooms

Rooms UI improvements

The Rooms tab and individual room pages have been refreshed to provide a simple and organized look and feel.

Available now.

For peripheral support, we support a wide array of cameras, speaker/mic combos, and end-to-end systems. We have a list of hardware that is recommended to use with Huddle.

Available Now

Rooms Search

Room name search is no longer case-sensitive, providing a significantly improved search experience.

Available now.