Customer Story

Pernod-Ricard accelerates connecting its meeting rooms to Microsoft Teams with BlueJeans Gateway

Spirits and wine company Pernod-Ricard wanted to foster a more collaborative culture across its more than 96 production sites. As a major Microsoft user, it decided to use Microsoft Teams as its default communication and collaboration platform. But that led to a problem: how would it link its hundreds of existing meeting rooms and devices to Teams? Thankfully for Pernod-Ricard, BlueJeans had the solution.


  • Pernod-Ricard sought to boost communication and collaboration across its more than 96 offices around the world.
  • It wanted to enable its employees to set up and join Microsoft Teams meetings using existing video conferencing rooms and devices.


  • The company deployed BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams to allow its existing conference rooms to seamlessly link to Teams.


  • Through BlueJeans Gateway, Pernod-Ricard has enabled each of its up to 400 existing meeting rooms to connect to Teams meetings in just a matter of minutes, saving the company a substantial amount of money and time.
  • Now, its 19,000 employees can run Teams meetings using their current rooms and devices — and join with the touch of a button, eliminating delays and increasing productivity.
  • They have been able to continue to communicate and collaborate regardless of their work setup, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Paris, France