How National Geographic is Using BlueJeans to Cut Carbon Emissions


National Geographic Society uses science, exploration, storytelling, and technology to positively impact the world. As a large international organization, they rely on highly flexible and sophisticated communication systems like BlueJeans.

National Geographic Society utilizes video conferencing to connect experts from the field during their five-day, National Geographic Storytellers Summit. Their Green Teams uses BlueJeans Command Center insights and analytics to track meetings, determine saved travel costs and saved emission costs, allowing them to maintain their LEED Certification.
Join us in a conversation with Audiovisual Operations Supervisor, Marcus Manderson as he shares his experiences on:
  • - How to save over ten tons of emissions by implementing video conferencing
  • - How to execute a five-day semi-virtual summit
  • - How to standardize an international organization


Marcus Manderson
Audiovisual Operations Supervisor, National Geographic Society

National Geographic Society received honorable mention for BlueJeans Best of Breed "Biggest Impact". To learn more about BlueJeans Best of Breed Awards visit bluejeans.com/customer-awards-program