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Maximize Your ROI with the Customer Success Program

BlueJeans opens the door to unprecedented meeting experiences, including group video conferencing, webinars, and streaming events. Once you come on board, BlueJeans is not in the business of leaving you in the dust with just a user manual as your guide. We will support you every step of the way to help fortify your video conference use cases and make sure you are achieving your strategic business goals.

As our valued customer, a Customer Success Manager will partner with you as an advocate and advisor. They will help accelerate your launch and provide ongoing support as your business and enterprise evolve.

What We Do

What Customers Are Saying…

Our Customer Success Manager has been an amazing catalyst in the deployment of BlueJeans through resource sharing, online trainings and even presenting at our state-wide conferences via BlueJeans.
Todd Brunclik, Tech Director
Wisconsin Innovative Schools Network
Every time we needed her she went above and beyond…always. It’s very rare that I see the level of customer service in a vendor that I have seen from our Customer Success Manager.
Director of Tech Services
Direct Marketing Company
With our Success Manager's support, we definitely piqued the interest of our user base. Just this week in fact, we are utilizing Blue Jeans to save the company money and really accelerate the hiring process.
Senior Tech Analyst
Global Hospitality and Travel Company
Our Customer Success Manager impacted our deployment significantly by ensuring that Blue Jeans took off and not stall as many other software rollouts do. He did this by providing a customized training that fit our company initiatives and more.
VP, IT Planning
Worldwide architectural design firm

What We Deliver…

  • Promotional and Adoption Materials
  • On Demand Admin and User Training
  • Detailed Usage Analytics
  • Adoption and ROI Review
  • Use Case Consultation
  • Product Roadmap Review

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